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It is very important for someone to research about the goods or products they use on a regular basis. It helps to alleviate fears of insecurity or anguish that comes with either buying a service no one you know has ever used or a service from a company with a shady background. This has been with us for years hence the success of consumer magazines like the Consumer Report, among others. The paper helps consumers avoid making costly mistakes with regards to making choices in the market place.

Internet companies offer customer reviews as a mild replacement for the consumer reports we are accustomed to offline. The reviews give Internet buyers, the confidence they need while buying products online. But how do essay writing companies which sell online lack any of the traditional customer reviews on their websites, or feature anywhere in conventional consumer report magazines?

Students as consumers

Most essay writing companies have students as their core customers. They rely on students to order papers before they can pay their taxes, hire writers, etc. Without their user base- composed on students, these companies would have had a tough time sailing through. Students using them should make it a habit to check out reviews for every company they are interested in to ensure that they were making the right choice.

Why review essay writing companies

A simple search on Google reveals a large number of students whose lives have been messed up after they trusted a rogue essay writing company with their term paper writing needs. There is an equally large number of customers one would easily describe as happy. With that being said, it is critical to review essay writing companies to ensure that students choose companies that have a higher chance of making them high grade scorers. Reviews are also good in the sense that they can make it hard for conman to survive. is at the forefront of reviewing essay writing companies.

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How it works

Although there are very many essay writing companies, there is an equally large number of students that who use them. Each one of them can be tresses to an experience. We make it our job to discover what their experience is by openly asking for their feedback. We use the feedback to rank top services. We also send experts to review each essay writing service that has been submitted here to enable students make better choices.